Brand Promise, SEO and Keywords

Brand Promise, SEO and Keywords – not just dreams and pixie dust

brand promise faerie
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Last week, we talked about cartoons and voice search. This week, it’s the brand promise, keywords and SEO. The magic here at Risky Content never, ever ends.

Whenever I meet a new professional colleague, a business leader, or interview for a job, I ask this question – “Does your business have a brand promise?” Too many businesses don’t, which I find irksome.

Brand promise is something that a lot of companies don’t give enough thought to. “Brand failure” is a terrible term and ignoring the digital aspects of weak branding can compound into SEO failure. Brand promise and effectiveness in search are directly related.

This isn’t just a foofy, feel good question. In my research, I have not yet found a percentage of companies that have a distinct brand promise (most large companies do.) But what is shocking is how many business leaders think that the brand promise is something for the “soft” side of the business, and is merely theoretical. I usually wow them with this nugget – “have you considered the role that your brand promise plays in keywords and SEO?”

How the Lizard Does It – Keywords and Brand Promise

geico seo brand promise
(c)2018 Geico

A great example that I always like to bring up is maybe one of the best brand promises in the biz – Geico’s brand promise. By way of this iconic phrase, Geico does amazing things:


Give us fifteen minutes or less, and we'll give you 15 percent off of your car insurance.

From an SEO and keyword point of view, a succinct, well-developed brand promise gives you the heart and seed of your content and search strategy.

The brand promise gives you:

  • A core tier of initial keywords to start building your list from. We already have from the brand promise keyword phrases such as
Car Insurance 15% Off
15 Minutes 15% off
Give us 15 minutes insurance bargain
Give us 15 minutes insurance savings
Save money car insurance
Save money car insurance now
Save money car insurance 15%
Save money car insurance fast
15 minutes 15% off car insurance
15 minutes car insurance save money

… and so on.

The Brand Promise,keywords, SEO and Searcher Intent

Since searchers will be entering in keyword phrases based on intent, media which contains the brand promise will have positive cyclic SEO effects. This can also be applied to hashtags, keyword lists used in paid media, and competitor analysis.

On the other hand, not having a well-developed brand promise makes SEO and content work harder. Use of one’s own brand promise for keyword/hashtag development and use of competitor’s brand promises in competitor analysis should be tools that content marketers, paid media managers and SEOs use in their efforts.

So, in addition to all the usual benefits that a well developed brand promise gives, a tight brand promise makes it easier to conduct SEO and paid efforts and to develop content. I call that a four way win!

What do you think? How would you implement your brand promise in SEO and content? Reach out to me at or tweet at me via @riskycontent. Keep it handy and brandy, kids.