Chris Bell

Welcome to Risky Content. I’m Chris Bell, a digital marketer from Brooklyn, New York. I currently work as a digital account manager and content strategist at Daily News Digital Solutions. I advise small and medium businesses on all aspects of digital marketing, with an emphasis on SEO, content strategy, and branding.

Having had the great privilege and pleasure to interview many marketing thought leaders while at Didit, a takeaway I’ve always kept with me: Service Is The Brand. This is a quote from digital thought leader Brian Solis. Going all the way back to my days working in the financial services and retail industries, I carry this forward into my content and SEO work. I am a strict believer in the Brand Promise. Businesses that offer a great brand promise and stick to it, no matter whatever short-term tactical challenges they may face, will be rewarded with loyal customers and long-term success. Jen Groover, whom I interviewed in those days, left me with another long term ideal – intelligence concerning your own brand was key to success. I’ll be talking a lot about that on my blog.

But why Risky Content?

This is also my twitter handle. Enough to send jitters up the spines of CFOs everywhere, this is meant to be a double play on words. First, all advertising is content, and as I answered my detractors and colleagues at the time, “what should I call myself, ‘@dullcontent”? 

All content, indeed, all business ventures, entail risk. As our obsessive study of SEO, CTRs and other analytics in this business entails – all content entails risk. There is substantial risk that audiences simply will not read, like, view, share or see the content that we’ve painstakingly crafted. Further, despite many efforts, content does not scale in quite the same way that other manufactured products do, as anyone in TV or movies will tell you – it’s part art.

So, I hope to bring you a small measure of intelligence and means of reducing risk in dealing with content, which deals with emotions, dreams, heart and soul- using numbers and science to get a handle on content, so that we can serve our customers and friends better. If your customers can’t be your friends, then you should question why you are in business.

About me

My current resume can be found here.

My Linkedin profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophertbell

You can find me on twitter as @riskycontent

I can often be found at #semrushchat, which takes place at 11 AM EST on Wednesdays. The best place to participate is at twchat.com. Just search for it, joining is free.