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Visual storytelling and voice search – the logic of cartoons in SEO

Did you ever watch cartoons when you were a kid? Voice search and cartoons? What are you talking about, Risky?

I did. Lots. I preferred Warner Brothers – Merry Melodies was the gold standard – but I also took in Hanna Barbera and a bunch of other stuff on saturday mornings. The high point of my week when I was 8 was loading up a big bowl of cereal and parking myself in front of the TV for a block of 4 hours of cartoons on ABC, CBS and NBC, including Scooby Doo, Super Friends and a host of others. I also enjoyed after school re-runs of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Flintstones and all sorts of other kids fare when I was growing up on the 70’s and 80’s.

What on Earth does this have to do with voice search?

What’s up, Doc? Content, scripts, audio, video and voice search – the current conjunction of voice search SEO

A recent story at Search Engine Watch talks about the future of voice search, and how voice search will become a growing segment of search. This means that content creators like you and me will need to understand the flow and workings of spoken speech as well as written text. This is the domain of voice artists, video content producers, and others who deal in voice over. Spoken story telling will start to integrate directly with search, especially as content producers are called upon to create scripts that work well with voice search SEO. Many folks think this is simply an aspect of video production, but understanding the conjunction of voice scripting, visual media and user intent will be vital for SEO, especially as mobile video becomes the predominant SEO concern for professionals.

Cadence, visual storytelling, voice search and SEO

The ability to match spoken cadence to visual moving story telling is the domain of film making and, more succinctly, cartoons and animation, which is expert with creating visual action that directly matches the spoken world. The video content producers of today are the disciples of animators and story board masters who combined the recording booth with the drawing table.

So, a set of SEO rules for voice content will develop, since the search engines will crawl and index elements of mp3 files and audio they do for visual content now. Further, the need to optimize other contents for voice will arise. According to Search Engine Journal, this is already a thing.

Thus, a cycle of content creation development will begin where the SEO elements of content won’t be judged separately, but will be evaluated by the search engines on a combined basis. Say you have this video your agency developed for a fashion brand. You may need to optimize your script and voice work to optimize for voice search. Remember that nearly all voice search will be done on mobile, so your strategy can not be in silos. I’ll be talking about how voice search and mobile interact in later articles, but for now, make sure to think about how your users will be using their devices to get to your site and their search intent.

Watching cartoons and search marketing – conclusions for voice search SEO

Voice search is growing quickly. SEO Hacker shares with us the latest developments in voice search. Also check out their news on the latest and best voice search apps. It’s not just a Siri world.

That gives us these takeaways:

  • Content Creators, for professional development, should learn about how to script creation for video content even if they do not work in that particular vertical in digital marketing. As search engines come to be able to more deeply parse the audio aspect of video content, being able to match content to user phrases will be vital.
  • Brand and user experience will conjoin with the interaction of video, voice search and mobile SEO. Content creation and SEO will have to focus on creation easy voice search experiences. As voice search AI becomes better, this will become easier, but SEOs and paid media professionals will need to strive to make the user experience as good and easy as possible.
  • As adults, you have every right to watch cartoons on your 4K widescreen with a big bowl of serial whenever you want.

Voice search ain’t silly stuff, doc

So, understanding the visual grammar of cartoons and storytelling can help you with voice search and SEO. Smart and rascally SEO rabbits understand this.

I think Bugs would be amazing at content development and SEO.

bugs bunny SEO
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