Content SEO New York 2017: Announcement, Shout Outs and More

Hello! Here’s a D20 for no particular reason except that I am a nerd:



This is kind of a filler post. As I’ve been dealing with some family issues lately, the publication schedule has slowed. However, I will be writing on these topics, come later this month and June:

  • Inbound on a Budget – how to set up an inbound content program on the cheap, complete with CRM and blogging!
  • The Human Factor in Email – For all the talk about automated email marketing platforms, it’s the human engagement that leads to sales, conversions and actionable business intel
  • Everything you are getting wrong about buyer personas (or, you’re misinterpreting all those bright, shiny Ebooks)
  • Risk measurement in content creation. Hey, gotta live up to my name.

I also plan on doing an ebook soon. The topic? That’s a secret. It’s gonna be about content marketing and SEO, though. And it may surprise you.

Want to meet me? I will be in attendance at the Content SEO New York event on May 17 representing NY Daily News Digital Solutions. It’s a breakfast event, so let me buy you a coffee.

Also, some shout outs – you should all read the blogs of my good friends Silver Smith who writes the AG Search Blog, as he talks lots of great stuff about SEO, reputation management, and PR. Tara Clapper runs The Geek Initiative, a great pop culture blog with an emphasis on women in geek culture. Finally, my good nerd brother Simon Peter Munoz who runs the Creative Repository Blog. While not a digital professional, he certainly has great SEO chops and knows his way around Google Analytics. These people are class and I am proud to know them. Also check out SEO Smarty, run by my content hero Ann Smarty. Ann runs #vcbuzzchat every week where content marketing experts exchange great learnings about SEO, PR and most of all content marketing.

And, if you’re a good, worthy person, you’re certainly following the Daily News Digital Solutions blog and social media channels, which I manage. Just sayin 😉

Anyway, stay tuned. More SEO and content goodness to come!